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The Red Pony

The Red Pony


by John Steinbeck

The Red Pony Disappointment Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Part.Paragraph)

Quote #7

Billy's face and arms and chest were dripping red. His body shivered and his teeth chattered. His voice was gone; he spoke in a throaty whisper. "There's your colt. I promised. And there it is. I had to do it—had to." […]

Jody stared stupidly at the wet, panting foal. (3.172-3.173)

For all the long months of waiting and waiting, Jody finally has the colt he has been promised. But at what cost? Billy has brutally sacrificed the mother, Nellie, which means what should be a joyous occasion is a total disaster. Jody can't be happy, because he's too horrified.

Quote #8

Billy looked up at the top of the hill that surrounded the ranch. "Maybe you'd better ask your father before you do it," he suggested.

"Well where is he? I'll ask him now."

"He rode up to the ridge after dinner. He'll be back pretty soon."

Jody slumped against the fence post. "I don't think he'd care." (4.10-4.13)

Jody slumps because he knows his dear old dad won't give a hoot what he does with his day. In asking Billy permission, he's hoping for a fatherly exchange. But Billy just refers him to his dad, which totally bums the kid out.

Quote #9

Grandfather looked sideways. "I'm trying to get right side up," he said gently. "I'm not being mad. I don't mind what you said, but it might be true, and I would mind that." (4.137)

After Grandfather overhears Carl trash talking him, his feelings are hurt. Once Carl realizes that Grandfather has overheard, his feelings are hurt, too. In other words, it's a big ol' mess, and everyone's disappointed in everyone else. Except Jody, who just tries to salvage the situation. Needless to say, he fails.

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