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The Road

The Road


by Cormac McCarthy

The Road Resources


The Cormac McCarthy Society

Informative and a little weird. You know you want to join.

The Road to a Big, Odd Vocabulary

Links to definitions of McCarthy's gnarliest words. It might even help you with the SAT.

Movie or TV Productions

The Road (2009)

This film didn't get the best reviews. On the other hand, it does star the ruggedly handsome Viggo Mortensen.


Wall Street Journal Interview

McCarthy talks about his novel and the movie.

The New York Times Interview

We guess this is more along the lines of a profile, but you still get plenty of quotes from the man himself.

Vanity Fair Interview

This a shorter interview compared to the two above. Plenty of info about McCarthy's home away from home, The Santa Fe Institute.

New York Review of Books Review

Author Michael Chabon reviews The Road and talks about sci-fi and horror.

Slate Review

Novelist and journalist Jennifer Egan talks about masculinity in The Road.

The New Republic Review

The always perceptive James Wood reviews The Road.

Pop Matters Review

Chris Barsanti explains The Road's very simple formula: Apocalypse + Samuel Beckett = The Road.

"Big Two-Hearted River"

Ever wonder where those brook trout came from? Some critics think they're from this Ernest Hemingway short story.


The Infamous Oprah Interview

This is only a small portion of a larger interview, which seems to have disappeared from the Worldwide Web.

The Film Trailer

Here's the trailer for the 2009 film.

Movie Clips

Yahoo! Movies has seven clips from the 2009 film.


NPR Review

Writer Alan Cheuse reviews The Road.

Slate Audio Book Club

The poet Meghan O'Rourke hosts a (long) discussion of the novel.


Author Photos From 1965 to 1998

McCarthy cultivates "the mysterious look" on his book jackets for 30 years. Wow.

Cormac and Oprah Together At Last

The pairing McCarthy fans thought they'd never see.

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