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The Road

The Road


by Cormac McCarthy

The Road Sections 121-130 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Section 121

  • The Man takes a flute out of his pocket and gives it to The Boy. (When did The Man whittle a flute? Your guess is as good as ours.) The Boy falls back a little and plays.

Section 122

  • They bust out the binoculars. From the ridge they can see remnants of a town with a mill. Also, a wisp of smoke. The Man says they should check it out.

Section 123

  • They leave the cart in the woods and wander the streets.
  • There's not much they can use in the town. They do find some suit jackets in a store, though.

Section 124

  • They look through a "foodmarket" but they don't find much there either.

Section 125

  • Then they check the houses at the edge of town. The Man finds a corpse in one of them, but that's it.

Section 126

  • Outside of town, they hear a dog bark. It's getting dark and they're cold and hungry.

Section 127

  • They sleep in a car. The Man can see a few lights scattered across the town.

Section 128

  • The Man wakes up in the night and doesn't know where he is, which makes him smile. There's a brief exchange about how they're "carrying the fire" (128.8).

Section 129

  • The next morning it's raining. They wait it out in the car then go scavenge some more.

Section 130

  • They find some utensils, plastic for a tarp, and some clothing. In one pantry, they even find some cornmeal. They make and eat cornmeal cakes.

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