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The Road

The Road


by Cormac McCarthy

The Road Sections 141-150 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Section 141

  • It's morning again. The Man wakes to see a huge group of people on the road. They lay low.
  • These people, as The Man says, are definitely "bad guys": they have all sorts of weaponry and slaves with them.
  • They wait for the "bad guys" to pass.

Section 142

  • They retrieve the cart and push it out to the road.

Section 143

  • By afternoon it's snowing again.
  • The Boy keeps falling behind. The Man says they'll rest when he sees a good place.

Section 144

  • It must be really cold because at this point The Boy is shivering and The Man is coughing.
  • The Boy asks The Man a tough question: "If we were going to die would you tell me?" The Man says he doesn't know, but that they're not going to die.

Section 145

  • They look for shelter. They leave the cart, but the Man wraps up their coats and blankets in the tarp. They find a stand of cedars.

Section 146

  • There's a dry space under each of the cedars. They settle there and the man makes a fire with dead needles. The Man heads out for some more substantial wood.

Section 147

  • The snow is piling up. The Man keeps gathering fallen branches. The Boy helps.

Section 148

  • It keeps snowing all night. The Man keeps waking up to add branches to the fire.
  • The Man looks at the sleeping boy and thinks The Boy might not be able to travel much more, especially since the road will be covered in snow.

Section 149

  • The Man hears a crashing sound in the woods and wakes up. The cedars, under the weight of the snow, are snapping and falling down.

Section 150

  • They grab their stuff and try to find "a clear space in the darkness" (150.1). When all the snapping and crashing noises have stopped, The Man tunnels out a little shelter for them under a fallen tree. They sleep there in the "bitter cold" (150.1).

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