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The Road

The Road


by Cormac McCarthy

The Road Sections 151-160 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Section 151

  • When day breaks, The Man goes to look for their cart. He doesn't have any idea where it is.

Section 152

  • The Man gets The Boy up and tells him they have to go find the cart.

Section 153

  • They head out across the snow. The Boy falls. The Man drops their stuff – tarp and blankets – to help him.

Section 154

  • It takes them a long time to find the cart. When they do, The Man cuts up one of the coats and part of the tarp and wraps their feet. (Just like a Russian novel!)
  • The Man packs up their essentials into his knapsack and they leave the cart and head for the road.

Section 155

  • It's tough going. The Boy thinks they might die, but The Man assures him they have plenty of water and it would take a long time to die of starvation.
  • The Boy is not sure The Man would tell him if they were going to die. The Man says they're not going to die.

Section 156

  • They keep going. It's tough.

Section 157

  • They camp really close to the road and The Man makes a roaring fire.
  • The Boy is getting thin.

Section 158

  • The next morning they walk out to the road and see wagon tracks and boot prints in the snow. This means someone passed in the night within fifty yards of their camp.
  • The Man concludes that other people are coming. They've got to get away from the road.

Section 159

  • They kick some snow over the fire and walk in circles around their camp so it'll be tough to track them.
  • They head north, keeping the road in view.

Section 160

  • They find some high ground. They can see both the road and their tracks from camp. Two men pass on the road "at a lope" (160.1). They stop and almost see The Man.

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