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The Road

The Road


by Cormac McCarthy

The Road Sections 171-180 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Section 171

  • They crawl to lower ground. The Man hears their pursuers in the road talking. Then he hears them in the leaves.
  • He tries to give The Boy the pistol so The Boy can kill himself if it comes to that. He's going to lead their pursuers away and sacrifice himself. But The Boy is too scared and The Man knows it. He stays with The Boy.

Section 172

  • The Man asks himself if he can kill The Boy if their pursuers find them. He's not sure.

Section 173

  • The Man keeps himself from coughing and whispers to The Boy that he won't ever leave him.
  • Dusk falls and then it's dark. They're safe.

Section 174

  • In the night they hear screams from the house.
  • The Man decides it's time to hightail it out of there.

Section 175

  • They stumble through the woods. The moon is out.
  • The Boy asks if those people will kill them if they find them. The Man says they will.

Section 176

  • The Man worries they might go in a circle and end up heading back toward the house. There's no way to tell.
  • The Boy asks him to carry him, and The Man does.

Section 177

  • The Man wakes up in the woods. The Boy is alive and next to him.

Section 178

  • When The Man wakes up again it's dawn. He walks up to a rise and looks down into a pine wood. He tells The Boy they have to go.

Section 179

  • The Man carries The Boy across a field and into the pine wood. The Boy looks a little sickly.

Section 180

  • Across the fields, The Man spots a house and a barn. He chides himself for being careless at the previous house.

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