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The Road

The Road


by Cormac McCarthy

The Road Sections 21-30 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Section 21

  • No one's out on the road.

Section 22

  • The Man fixes the shopping cart.

Section 23

  • They come upon a barn. Inside, they see "three bodies hanging from the rafters" (23.1).
  • They move on.

Section 24

  • The Man realizes that he mostly worries about shoes and food.
  • They find a ham hidden in an upper corner of a smokehouse. Yum.

Section 25

  • In his dreams, The Man keeps seeing a "pale bride" (25.1). She sounds both sexy and scary.
  • It's snowing again.

Section 26

  • The Man doesn't trust good dreams and says that "the right dreams for a man in peril were dreams of peril" (26.1). He thinks the world as he knew it will soon be totally lost.

Section 27

  • The Man remembers his wife. He can't remember her scent, though.

Section 28

  • The Man attaches some brooms to the front of the cart and puts The Boy in the basket. The brooms clear aside debris and they careen down the hills. This actually sounds like fun.

Section 29

  • They see a dam. The Man speculates that it will be there for another thousand years or more. He also speculates that there aren't any fish left in the lake.

Section 30

  • The Man remembers a falcon crashing into some cranes. It's a really stunning description.

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