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The Road

The Road


by Cormac McCarthy

The Road Sections 211-220 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Section 211

  • The Man finds some plastic utensils, silverware, and batteries.
  • He asks The Boy what he would like for supper. The Boy says he wants some pears. He opens the pears and tells The Boy that "[t]hese will be the best pears you ever tasted" (211.4).

Section 212

  • They eat the pears and then a can of peaches. The Boy wants another can.

Section 213

  • He puts The Boy to bed, then gets his knapsack from the garage.
  • It's almost dark out and he closes the hatch, jamming the pliers through the inside hasp. The electric lantern begins to dim. He lights a gas lamp and just sits there.

Section 214

  • The Man goes through the bunker's stores.

Section 215

  • There's even a chemical toilet in the bunker.
  • The Man finds some .45 ACP cartridges (which won't fit his pistol), but he can't find the rifle that goes with them.
  • He sits on the bunk and eats a bar of chocolate.

Section 216

  • The Man wakes up and opens the hatch. At first he thinks it's early morning, but then he notices the light is in the west. Evening. They slept through the night and then the next day.
  • The Man realizes they're not going to die, "and he had to think about that" (216.1).

Section 217

  • The Man grinds some coffee, which wakes up The Boy. The Boy goes to use the toilet and asks what The Man is making. "Coffee. Ham. Biscuits" (217.5). The Boy is impressed.

Section 218

  • The Man sets out their meal. It's so much more food than they're used to, and The Boy looks "drugged" (218.1). The Boy says a sort of blessing, thanking the people who built the bunker for the food.

Section 219

  • They go up to the bathroom of the main house. The Man heats up some water on the portable stove so The Boy can take a bath.

Section 220

  • He bathes The Boy, then himself. Then he pours some detergent into the bathwater and puts their jeans in soapy water.
  • They go back to the bunker.

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