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The Road

The Road


by Cormac McCarthy

The Road Sections 91-100 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Section 91

  • The Man thinks about how beautiful things often come from grief and loss. He looks at his sleeping son.

Section 92

  • The Man wakes up coughing. He walks a little ways from camp and coughs up blood.
  • He thinks he might have said his wife's name in his sleep.
  • Back at camp, The Boy is awake and says he wishes he was dead with his mom. The Man replies to The Boy: "Dont say it. It's a bad thing to say" (92.9).

Section 93

  • The Man remembers trying to convince his wife not to commit suicide. She responded that sooner or later the bloodcults would find them, rape her and The Boy, and kill The Man. She wouldn't even say good-bye to The Boy.

Section 94

  • The Woman commit suicide at night with "a flake of obsidian" (94.1). She must have walked away from the campsite in the dark and done it. When they left the next morning, The Boy looked back at the campsite and said, "She's gone isn't she?" (94.1).

Section 95

  • The Man remembers his wife giving birth to The Boy soon after the disaster: "A few nights later she gave birth in their bed by the light of a drycell lamp" (95.1). This must have been before they set out on the road.

Section 96

  • The Boy asks The Man if he had any friends. He responds that he did, but that they're all dead.

Section 97

  • The Man and The Boy keep traveling down the road. They stop in the afternoon and The Boy plays with a toy truck. They fall asleep in the leaves.

Section 98

  • The Man wakes up suddenly. People are coming down the road. They don't seem too friendly: they have pipes and clubs and one even has a biohazard mask. There's also a diesel truck tooling along behind them.
  • The Man hides the cart and they take off into the woods.

Section 99

  • More running.

Section 100

  • They run until they find a ditch to hide in. They find themselves on a cracked, older road.
  • The diesel truck on the state road stops.

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