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The Romance of Tristan

The Romance of Tristan


by Béroul

The Romance of Tristan Part 6 Summary

King Mark's Horse's Ears

  • Frocin tells Mark's barons that he knows an important secret of the king's. He offers to tell it to them by putting his head into the cavity formed by a hawthorn bush's roots, then speaking the secret.
  • Talking to the "hawthorn bush, not the barons" (we are totally using this method to gossip with impunity from now on), Frocin reveals that Mark has horse's ears. Yes, folks, you read that right.
  • One day, the three barons who have heard the secret reveal their knowledge of it to Mark.
  • Mark tells them that he has this affliction because of the magic of the dwarf. Whoa, whoa, hold up. What? That wasn't just a joke? The ears are real? How did no one notice them before? You know what, whatever. These medieval people can do what they want.
  • Oh, and they do: Mark up and cuts off Frocin's head. This makes lots of people happy; they still hate the dwarf because of what he did to Tristan and Yseut.

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