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The Romance of Tristan

The Romance of Tristan


by Béroul

The Romance of Tristan Part 8 Summary

Tristan's Dog

  • Tristan's dog, Husdant, is very sad about Tristan's disappearance. He refuses to eat anything. He scowls and paws the ground with tears in his eyes.
  • Everyone says that if Husdant were theirs, they would let him off his leash. They would not want such a fine dog to go mad.
  • The three barons advise Mark to let the dog off his leash to determine whether or not he is mad.
  • When Husdant is released, he picks up Tristan's scent and follows it, with a crowd of people behind him.
  • Husdant follows Tristan's last journey through Cornwall, eventually leaping out of the chapel onto the beach.
  • When Husdant runs into the forest, the people stop following him. That's a lucky break!
  • Tristan hears Husdant barking and hides, afraid that Mark is tracking him.
  • Husdant greets the group joyfully, but Tristan thinks he has to kill him, afraid that his barking will lead King Mark to them. He asks for Governal and Yseut's advice.
  • Yseut advises him to train Husdant not to bark when hunting, to which Tristan agrees.
  • Tristan begins to train him by stopping him from following prey whenever he begins barking, and after a month, he hunts silently.
  • Husdant is a great help to the group, killing many animals and covering their bodies with branches, then leading his master to them.

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