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The Sacred

The Sacred


by Stephen Dunn

The Sacred Resources


Where the Man Lives

Here's his online hangout, anyway.

All Dunn?

Get the deets about Dunn here, including his work and biography.


Music. Car. Poem. Dunn and Done.

Here's a YouTube tribute. Just watch.

Dunn in Person

Cheesy classical music? Dunn talking about how to write a poem? Yes, please!


Dunn Reading Dunn

Scroll down. Hit play. Kick back. Listen to Dunn.

Dunn Read on the Radio

Enjoy this nifty link to Garrison Keillor, ending a short podcast with Dunn's poem "The Sacred." It's worth the short wait.


Bearded Dunn

Having a beard isn't over, it's just plain… Dunn.

Dramatic Dunn

Dig the shadows, the beard, and Dunn looking like he wants to get in a car, turn on the music, and drive over to your house to read you a poem.

Articles and Interviews

Streaming Stephen

Here's a short interview about winning the Pulitzer. Holla!

Dunn Gettin' It Done

Long questions, with short answers—that's how we like it.

More Fun with Dunn

Here's an interview with Dunn by the journal Nightwatch.


Between Angels

Here's a link to one of Stephen Dunn's many books, but one which includes "The Sacred."

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