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The Seafarer

The Seafarer


by Anonymous

The Seafarer Old Age Quotes

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Quote #1

[…] The glory is fled,
the nobility of the world          ages and grows sere,
as now does every man          throughout the world.

These lines compare the decline of the world's nobility to the aging of a single person. The idea here is that the world's nobility doesn't just go out like a light. Instead, it slowly fades away, pathetically. The same is true of a person, who, in old age, withers toward death.

Quote #2

Age comes upon him          his face grows pale. (91)

Instead of saying a person ages, this line speaks of age coming upon a person, like an independent force that overtakes him. We have to say, it's a little terrifying.

Quote #3

The graybeard laments. […] (92)

This guy is so old, he's literally nothing but a gray beard. Now that's aging.

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