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The Canterbury Tales: The Second Nun's Tale

The Canterbury Tales: The Second Nun's Tale


by Geoffrey Chaucer

Tiburtius Timeline and Summary

  • Immediately after Valerian asks Cecilia's angel that Tiburtius be converted, Valerian enters the room and notices the strong smell of flowers.
  • When Valerian explains where the smell comes from and explains the Christian faith to him, Tiburtius assents to its basic truth.
  • Tiburtius demands an explanation of how there can be Christ and God, leading to Cecilia's explanation of the Incarnation and Trinity.
  • Tiburtius joins Valerian in refusing to worship at the shrine of Jupiter.
  • With Valerian, he preaches at the home of Maximus the executioner, leading to the conversion of that household.
  • Tiburtius is martyred and buried with Valerian.