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The Canterbury Tales: The Second Nun's Tale

The Canterbury Tales: The Second Nun's Tale


by Geoffrey Chaucer

Valerian Timeline and Summary

  • Valerian is the husband Cecilia's family chooses for her.
  • On their wedding night, Valerian demands visual proof when Cecilia claims an angel protects her virginity.
  • Valerian assents to the truth of Christianity and receives baptism from Pope Urban.
  • Valerian asks Cecilia's angel that his brother learn the truth of Christianity as well.
  • Valerian helps Cecilia to convert his brother, Tiburtius.
  • When Valerian refuses to worship at the shrine of Jupiter, he and Tiburtius are sentenced to be executed together.
  • Before they die, Valerian and Tiburtius spend a night preaching to the executioner at his home, after which the entire household converts to Christianity and is baptized.