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The Secret Miracle

The Secret Miracle


by Jorge Luis Borges

The Secret Miracle Literature and Writing Quotes

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Quote #4

He had also drafted a cycle of expressionist poems; these, to the poet's confusion, appeared in a 1924 anthology and there was never a subsequent anthology that didn't inherit them. (4)

Once an author publishes something, it almost takes on a life of its own – it's like watching your children grow up.

Quote #5

(He admired verse in drama because it does not allow the spectators to forget unreality, which is a condition of art.) (4)

Translation: art is art, it's not real life. And Jaromir sure doesn't want to let the audience forget it. He likes art that has a certain amount of self-awareness of its artfulness. And this, Shmoopers, is a very postmodern idea.

Quote #6

In the design I have outlined here, he had intuitively hit upon the best way of hiding his shortcomings and giving full play to his strengths, the possibility of rescuing (albeit symbolically) that which was fundamental to his life. (6)

Writing this play is Jaromir's one chance to make his entire life worthwhile. No pressure.

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