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The Secret Miracle
The Secret Miracle
by Jorge Luis Borges, translated by Andrew Hurley
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The Secret Miracle Literature and Writing Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

If, he prayed, I do somehow exist, if I am not one of Thy repetitions or errata, then I exist as the author of The Enemies. In order to complete that play, which can justify me and justify Thee as well, I need one more year. (6)

Jaromir seems to see God as the author of his own life, just as he's the author of the lives of the characters in The Enemies. So then who does Borges play God to?

Quote #8

He had no document but his memory; the fact that he had to learn each hexameter as he added it imposed upon him a providential strictness, unsuspected by those who essay and then forget vague provisional paragraphs. (12)

Whew, we need a dictionary for this one. But here's the basic gist: Jaromir's approach to writing changes because he's working entirely by memory. Oh, by the way, he's working entirely by memory. What?!

Quote #9

Painstakingly, motionlessly, secretly, he forged in time his grand invisible labyrinth. (12)

This is one of Borges' favorite metaphors. How is writing like a labyrinth? Well, they're both kind of twisty and forking, and take a lot of time and work to build.

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