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The Secret Miracle

The Secret Miracle


by Jorge Luis Borges

The Secret Miracle Religion Quotes

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Quote #4

Toward dawn, he dreamed that he was in hiding, in one of the naves of the Clementine Library. (7)

The Clementine Library was once the collection of Pope Clement XI. Based at the Catholic University of America since 1928, it's a sneaky way to incorporate the third big monotheistic religion – Christianity – into a story that already mentions Islam and Judaism.

Quote #5

What are you looking for? a librarian wearing dark glasses asked him. I'm looking for God, Hladik replied. (7)

Jaromir's spiritual quest is closely related to his academic and artistic ambitions. By searching for God in a library, he really hammers home the idea that his spiritual redemption can only come through scholarly work.

Quote #6

A voice that was everywhere spoke to him: The time for your labor has been granted. (7)

Wait, is God is really going to intervene in Jaromir's life? When did this become a story about the divine?

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