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The Secret Miracle

The Secret Miracle

by Jorge Luis Borges

Versions of Reality Quotes Page 3

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

This play observed the unities of time, place, and action... (5)

Borges is probably making a reference to Aristotle's Poetics here, which said that books shouldn't be so all-over-the-place that they're not unified in their plot. But Borges was also a big fan of Ludovico Ariosto, whose most famous work, Orlando Furioso, got a lot of flack for not following Aristotle's rules. Do you think Borges abides by the Poetics?

Quote #8

The play has not taken place; it is the circular delirium that Kubin endlessly experiences and reexperiences. (5)

Circular delirium, hmm. Sounds familiar, don't you think? And not because it could totally be the name of a Jamiroquai song. Actually, Jaromir himself is experiencing a kind of circular delirium as he thinks about all the ways in which he might die.

Quote #9

If, he prayed, I do somehow exist, if I am not one of Thy repetitions or errata, then I exist as the author of The Enemies. (6)

This sentence really packs a deep ol' punch. In Jaromir's mind, the existence of God is a given, no questions asked. His own existence, on the other hand, is what's in doubt. In other words, God is not a projection of Jaromir's imagination – it's the other way around. But Jaromir, of course, imagines the existence of other characters, like those in his play. So does that make Jaromir God to his characters?