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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 1 Summary

  • It's ten a.m., and Sutter Keely is already drunk.
  • Oh – and did we mention that he's a high school senior?
  • Is he in school, where he should be? Of course not.
  • He's driving over to his girlfriend, Cassidy's, house – who also happens to be skipping school right now.
  • Sutter starts musing about how awesome the weather is today, and how he couldn't care less about his education.
  • He stops by a convenience store to get a big 7UP to mix with his whiskey, and finds a six-year-old boy standing alone out front, by the pay phone.
  • The kid asks Sutter for a dollar, so our big-hearted goof-off buys him breakfast, and then offers to give him a ride to wherever he's going.
  • Walter – that's the kid's name – accepts, and tells Sutter he's running away from home.
  • To Florida. From Oklahoma.
  • Apparently his parents just got divorced, and he wants to go live with his dad.
  • Sutter totally sympathizes, but he talks Walter into at least going back home to get his baseball bat. So that he can hunt for food on his way to Florida.
  • The kid is swayed by this irrefutable logic, and Sutter starts driving him home.

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