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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 10 Summary

  • Now Sutter gives us the scoop on all his past girlfriends.
  • He says he understands girls just fine until they start dating him. Then he's clueless.
  • Before Cassidy, he dated a chick named Kimberly.
  • She thought he was hilarious before they actually became a couple.
  • But after a couple of months of dating, she was always picking on him, trying to get him to change.
  • And it was always the same, all the way back into junior high.
  • Sutter says the two reasons his girlfriends always end up mad at him are:
  • (1) he doesn't impress their friends (but he doesn't understand why)
  • (2) he never changes his behavior as their relationship progresses, and they want him to.
  • Before Kimberly, he dated Lisa, who told him she felt like they'd never had a real relationship.
  • Sutter has no clue what was going on in their minds, but he is good friends with all his ex-girlfriends now.
  • He's driving to Cassidy's to apologize, but, of course, he stops to get more whiskey first.
  • When he gets to Cassidy's, her mom comes to the door. She's not thrilled to see Sutter.
  • It turns out Cassidy's not home – she's left with her friend Kendra.
  • So Sutter heads out to find her.

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