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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 11 Summary

  • At Kendra's house, Sutter finds out that the girls went to a Christian jocks meeting at the house of another one of Sutter's old girlfriends.
  • But Sutter knows those "meetings" are really just a cover for huge parties where everyone hooks up.
  • He gets pretty drunk on the drive to the meeting, worrying about who Cassidy's hooking up with.
  • He's still planning to apologize, until he sees Cassidy standing out in front of the house, kissing Marcus West.
  • Sutter confronts them, but Marcus stops him, asking if he's drunk.
  • He doesn't deny it, and Marcus…is actually really nice about it.
  • He offers to drive Sutter home, but Cassidy tells him not to bother.
  • Trying to leave with some dignity, Sutter…trips over a pile of trash bags and spills his drink all over the front of his pants. Nice.

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