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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 13 Summary

  • After the 2 pm whiskey, Sutter heads off to work.
  • He wants to stay late – anything to avoid going to his sister, Holly's.
  • But instead, Bob makes him leave early. 
  • He can tell he's been drinking, and he doesn't want any customers to complain. He's super nice about it, though, since he knows Sutter's been through a rough week.
  • So Sutter slowly drives out to his sister's. (Do not do this at home, Shmoopers.)
  • He reeeeally doesn't like Holly's husband, Kevin (pronounced Kee-vin).
  • He's super-rich, and 15 years older than Holly. She started out as his secretary, but ended up as his second wife.
  • Sutter and Holly's mom loves Kevin, though. Probably because Holly kind of followed in her footsteps.
  • Their mom did the same thing when she married Geech, their stepdad, who's also pretty well-off.
  • Sutter is totally disgusted by their snob-itude.
  • He's never been close to Holly, so he figures she must have some sort of ulterior motive for inviting him over.
  • And sure enough, she's got some "connections" there for him to network with – along with a hot girl.
  • He figures she wants him to get a better job so she won't be embarrassed by him anymore.

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