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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 14 Summary

  • Sutter is hating this party. Everyone is so superficial, and he wants to play it cool with the new girl.
  • So he decides to go to the upstairs bathroom and smoke the joint Ricky gave him.
  • When he gets upstairs, though, he sees Kevin's bottle of super-expensive scotch in their bedroom.
  • He picks it up, trying to figure out if he can open it to have a little without anyone being able to tell.
  • No luck, so he lights up his joint right as Kevin comes upstairs looking for him.
  • Naturally, Sutter hides in the closet. With the lit-up joint. And the scotch.
  • (This is your brain on drugs.)
  • Of course, the joint catches one of Kevin's thousand-dollar suits on fire, so Sutter has to jump out of the closet and roll on the floor, while Kevin tries to salvage his suit.
  • Meanwhile, Holly has come upstairs too, and the two of them let Sutter have it.
  • What can he do at that point but go get drunk?

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