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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 17 Summary

  • After throwing all the rolled newspapers, they still haven't found Sutter's car.
  • He helps her roll more, and Aimee tells him the paper route is her mom's only job, and that her mom's boyfriend is on disability.
  • The two of them gamble a lot of their money away, though.
  • Sutter tells her a little about his family, too, and realizes she's cute – in a way that just makes him want to help her out.
  • He offers to finish her route with her, even if they do find his car, and she's thrilled.
  • They have a blast, and then – they find Sutter's car. On a lawn.
  • It's out of gas, so they push it onto the street, finish the route, and procure Sutter some gas.
  • Once he's all set, he asks Aimee to meet him in the cafeteria for lunch on Monday.

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