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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 20 Summary

  • Sutter survives the boredom of Algebra II by daydreaming about – get this – Motojet, an imaginary, flying, silver dirt bike he came up with.
  • He usually makes up little movies about it in his head (dude – how old is this guy again?), but today they keep getting interrupted by thoughts of Aimee getting stood up outside the cafeteria.
  • After class, Sutter tries to rush out to meet her, but Mr. Aster keeps him after class.
  • He's in trouble because he didn't turn in his homework…again.
  • Mr. Aster also wants to talk about Sutter's future – and then, he makes him work through a math problem with him!
  • By the time Sutter escapes, he's 15 minutes late to meet Aimee.
  • He runs through the hall and sees her still waiting outside the cafeteria.
  • Sutter apologizes as soon as he reaches her, horrified that she had to wait.
  • He figures she's used to being treated badly, and he hates it that he put her in yet another situation where she felt like a doormat.
  • See? Nice guy.

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