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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 22 Summary

  • Sutter asks Aimee if she has any good stories, and she tells a couple … which all happen to be about goofy things she's seen him do over the years.
  • No, no. He wants stories about her. What about her paper route?
  • She tells him about this one time when she was 12, and her mom made her walk part of the route alone instead of driving with her.
  • As she was walking, a completely naked guy came out from behind a hedge.
  • Poor Aimee dropped her papers and took off running till she found her mom in the truck, delivering more papers a few blocks down.
  • But her mom made her go back and get the ones she'd dropped, and finish the route.
  • Talk about cold.
  • After that, she was always terrified. She even saw the dude again one time, coming out from behind a house and getting into a Lexus. (Say what?)
  • Suddenly, a really heavy, really ugly (according to Sutter) girl shows up at their lunch table, and Aimee introduces her as Krystal Krittenbrink, her friend.
  • Sutter's a total gentleman, even standing and offering his hand.
  • Which she doesn't take.
  • Possibly because that's super weird. Who does that in a high school cafeteria, really?
  • She bosses Aimee around telling her that they've got French Club in a few minutes.
  • Aimee wants to stay with Sutter, but by the time Krystal's done with her, she's agreed to leave without even finishing her lunch.
  • Um, can you say pushy?
  • Sutter asks for her phone number so he can call her about tutoring, and she gives it to him, with Krystal providing the sarcastic commentary.

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