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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 24 Summary

  • Sutter can't sleep, and he starts thinking about military school.
  • He wonders if he should've gone there to begin with, when he was 14. After a year or so, he'd know for sure he wasn't a kid anymore.
  • In fact, he wishes he had some sort of adulthood initiation, like the tribal peoples who'd send their kids out into the wilderness alone for a few days.
  • How about this: a Teen Corps, like the Peace Corps, where teens would go around helping people for a year. When you got back, you'd officially be an adult.
  • Cool idea, actually.
  • But the next day, he just focuses on helping Aimee – by letting her help him in Algebra.
  • Since he's still grounded, he has to ask his mom if he can go over to her house after school.
  • She grills him about Aimee, and finally he tells her to call Mr. Aster to see if he needs a math tutor – and she backs down and agrees.
  • Apparently she's scared of teachers. Weird.

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