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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 25 Summary

  • Aimee reminds Sutter of a guy he knew named Kenny.
  • Kenny was like the male version of Cinderella or something – he lived with his stepdad and three big stepbrothers.
  • His mom had committed suicide. Rough, huh?
  • He was always home cleaning while his stepbrothers were out…well, committing crimes.
  • Sutter would go over to his place and mow the lawn for him sometimes, just to help the guy out.
  • As he pulls up to Aimee's house, he realizes that it's a lot like the one he grew up in.
  • He takes a sip of whiskey, and is greeted at the door by Aimee –wearing lipstick.
  • It doesn't really do much for her.
  • Her little brother Shane is being very annoying, little-brother-style, and tells her their mom said she should go to the store and get a bottle of Dr. Pepper for Randy, her boyfriend.
  • Sutter tells the kid to go get it, but he just makes a raspberry at him.
  • He's trying to help Aimee, so he puts on the gentleman act, and they head for her room.
  • It's like night and day compared to the disastrous mess in the rest of the house – totally neat, and full of hundreds of books, all tidily stacked.
  • She tells him they're mostly science fiction. She wants to work for NASA someday, and live on a horse ranch.
  • Her favorite series is called Bright Planets. The main character, Commander Amanda Gallico, is like, her hero.
  • (Totally made up series, BTW.)
  • The tutoring starts, and Sutter finally sees a little confidence in her. He thinks she might even be able to get him to understand math.
  • Well, maybe if he were a better listener.

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