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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 26 Summary

  • Once they get through Sutter's homework, Aimee tries explaining a few other concepts to him – but he quickly changes the subject.
  • He tells her she should try writing her own book, since she reads so much.
  • It turns out she is writing one!
  • He asks what it's about, preparing for it to be boring, but it actually sounds cool to him – it's about a girl who gets beamed up to a spaceship full of genius alien horses.
  • It hits Sutter that this is how poor Aimee escapes from her home life.
  • Just then, her home life rears its ugly head – Randy's awake, and calling for Dr. Pepper.
  • She brings him a small glass, with the little they have left in the fridge, but he yells at her to go get more.
  • So poor Aimee tells Sutter she has to go to the 7-11 really quick.
  • He immediately offers to drive her, her confidence and good mood are shot now.
  • To perk her up, Sutter invites her to go to a party with him that Saturday.
  • It works. She cheers up, says goodbye to Sutter, and heads back into the house.
  • Sutter doesn't consider it a date, though. He just thinks a party would be good for her.
  • Wonder what Aimee thinks?

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