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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 27 Summary

  • Sutter's in his room alone on a Friday night.
  • He's decided not to try to sneak out tonight, since he already has plans to sneak out tomorrow, to the party with Aimee. Decisions, decisions.
  • So instead, he turns on some Dean Martin – his fave – and drinks whiskey.
  • Sorry, but what with the whisky and the Dean Martin, this guy kind of reminds us of our grandfather.
  • Anyway, he goes online to look up Commander Amanda Gallico, so he'll have something to talk about with Aimee on Saturday.
  • He figures he should show her that her dreams and interests are important.
  • Sutter used to have dreams – that he was a major-league baseball player with superpowers, for example.
  • But his biggest dream was for his parents to get back together.
  • He loves remembering all the good times with his dad, when they were still a family.

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