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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 29 Summary

  • It's Saturday night, and Sutter's with Aimee at the party.
  • It's cold out, and Aimee's got a huge, puffy purple coat on that makes her look ridiculous. And - the lipstick again.
  • Sutter's plan is to hook her up with one of the guys there – a nice one, though, who won't be all over her - like this one guy he knows named Cody.
  • He'll get her settled talking to him, and then slip away when Cassidy shows up.
  • They walk over to the keg and Sutter gets her a beer.
  • Oh, but she doesn't drink.
  • NBD. Sutter tells her to just hold it, so it looks like she's having fun.
  • He doesn't see Cody anywhere, but Jason Doyle starts talking to them.
  • Sutter is not too happy about that. Jason's a total letch, and he doesn't want him making any moves on Aimee.
  • So he distracts him by pointing out the hot sweater Alisa Norman is wearing.
  • Jason agrees it's hot, but isn't willing to risk getting beaten up by her super protective boyfriend, Denver Quigley.
  • (What is up with these names, guys?)
  • Sutter sweetens the deal by telling Jason that they broke up. (They didn't really.)
  • Jason can't resist the sweater, so he heads over. Look out, Jason.

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