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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 3 Summary

  • Uh-oh. Now Sutter's super-late to pick Cassidy up.
  • He's head over heels for her, since she's tough and cool and…fat? But in a hot way, according to Sutter.
  • When he gets there, she's mad, and won't open the door.
  • So Sutter—master of logic—climbs up to her window.
  • Er, he climbs part of the way, and then falls off the roof.
  • That gets her to come out, but only to yell at him for messing up the gutters.
  • He tells her about Walter, though, so she calms down a little.
  • But then she proceeds to lecture him about his total lack of relationship skills.
  • Is Sutter listening? Nope. He's too focused on how hot she is to pay any attention to what she's saying.
  • So when she finishes her rant with an ultimatum, he knows he's in trouble.
  • Still, he tells her he'll do anything for her. To prove it, he does a headstand and chugs the rest of his whiskey upside down.
  • After a romantic gesture like that, of course the end up in bed together.
  • Sutter does have some nagging worry about that ultimatum, but it's nothing that another drink can't solve.

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