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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 31 Summary

  • Sutter slips away as planned, and heads over to Cassidy…
  • Just as Marcus appears and puts his arm around her. Phooey!
  • A few other girls cluster round to talk with them.
  • Change of plan. Sutter swerves for the keg instead, and then casually walks up to them, bringing Cassidy a beer.
  • They talk for a while, till – uh-oh – Denver Quigley suddenly shows up. Remember him? Violent, vindictive boyfriend?
  • He's trying to find Alisa, so Sutter helpfully tells him he saw her walking with Jason.
  • Quigley stalks off to murder Jason, while Marcus and the other girls chase after him to stop.
  • Which leaves Cassidy alone with Sutter.
  • He jumps right in, asking if she believes him now about the whole Tara thing.
  • She does, but before their flirting can get very far, they hear yelling.
  • Quigley's beating up some random guy, who's definitely not Jason, and Marcus, who's trying to stop him. Yikes.
  • Of course, Cassidy rushes over to her wounded hero.
  • Sutter finally sees Jason – whispering to Aimee off in the distance.

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