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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 32 Summary

  • Sutter makes a beeline for Aimee, who looks like she might throw up at any time.
  • Jason admits he got her another beer, to loosen her up.
  • So Sutter tells him Quigley's looking for everyone who even talked to Alisa tonight – and he takes off.
  • Seeing Marcus and Cassidy still together, Sutter puts his arm around Aimee's shoulder and takes her over to the lake.
  • He gets her a wine cooler. Now that's more like it.
  • They talk about Aimee's sci-fi books some more, and what their dream adventures would be like. (Aimee's is taking a trail ride up a mountain. Sutter's is fighting off the loggers in the rainforest. Ookay.)
  • They walk over to a pier and sit on the railing, looking out at the water.
  • Aimee finishes her wine cooler and then wants a sip from his flask. She gags it down, but seems to be enjoying herself.
  • Finally, she works up the courage to tell Sutter her real dream.
  • She wants to go live with her sister in St. Louis and go to college at Washington University, where her sister goes.
  • Sutter doesn't understand why this is such a big, secret dream – it seems normal enough.
  • But Aimee says her mom won't let her leave.
  • She has to stay to help with the paper route until her brother's old enough to start helping – she figures she'll go to community college till then.
  • Sutter is shocked, but Aimee says her mom won't even speak to her sister, since she moved away for college. 
  • And, on top of that, Krystal Krittenbrink is planning on going to OU, which is close by – and she expects Aimee to stay and be her friend.
  • Sutter cannot believe how Aimee lets everyone walk all over her, and frankly neither can we.
  • After a lot of coaching, and a few more swigs of whiskey, he gets her to scream obscenities at Krystal, and then Randy, and then her mom, telling them to get off her back.
  • Of course, none of them are actually there, so it's all good.
  • They both scream across the lake till they collapse laughing.
  • Sutter tells her she's got one more person to yell at – the dude that broke her heart.
  • But she tells him she's never been in a relationship, because she's not pretty.
  • Sutter starts raving about how pretty she is, and to prove it –
  • He kisses her. Like, seriously kisses her.
  • And afterwards? He does it again, of course.

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