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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 33 Summary

  • Sutter's got a hangover.
  • He didn't use to mind them, but lately they've been getting worse.
  • And, he's started forgetting the stuff he did when he was drunk. Yikes.
  • For example, he knows he kissed Aimee at the lake, and he remembers holding her hair back so she could vomit when they got back to her house, but he can't remember what happened in between.
  • But he's got a feeling he asked her to the prom. Even though he really means to take Cassidy.
  • He also thinks he said he'd help her with her paper route that morning – but it's already noon. He never set his alarm.
  • Sutter feels horribly guilty about leaving her in the lurch, but he figures hanging out with Ricky will make him feel better. (Huh?)
  • So he calls him up, but his mom tells him he's at church with Bethany. This is … totally out of character.
  •  When Ricky gets back, they decide to meet at the mall.
  • Sutter asks him why he's not smoking pot, and Ricky reminds him he's cutting back – it's not fun anymore.

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