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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 36 Summary

  • Ricky invites Sutter to a party at a motel for one of Bethany's friends.
  • Whew. Sutter was starting to think Ricky didn't want him around Bethany or something.
  • As they're driving to the motel, they ignore Sutter to talk about how they'd design a house.
  • Sutter can't believe they're talking about the future like that. When he's dating a girl, that's the last thing he wants to bring up.
  • This party is different from the kind Sutter usually goes to: yeah, it's a motel party, but this one's not all about getting drunk.
  • There are Cokes, and presents (?), and a cake (??), and just a few people sitting around talking quietly.
  • Ricky and Bethany are too absorbed in each other to talk to Sutter, but then Tara shows up. Looks like this was a plan to get them together the whole time!
  • Sutter refuses. He goes into the room next door, where a girl is playing the guitar and singing Christian praise and worship songs.
  • When she finishes a song, Sutter decides to jump in.
  • He makes up a raunchy song-and-dance routine, which goes about as well as you'd expect: everyone shouts him down, and Bethany is horrified.
  • He tells Ricky he'll be down at the hotel arcade, whenever he's ready to go, and leaves.

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