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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 50 Summary

  • It's prom night, and Sutter is at Aimee's house to pick her up.
  • She's really not very good at getting dressed up, which just makes Sutter want to hug her and tell her she's beautiful.
  • Instead of a fancy restaurant, he takes her back to Marvin's, telling her it's their special place.
  • They get dinner, and Sutter gives Aimee a present, a flask that matches his. Aw, how sweet. It's even already filled! What a thoughtful boyfriend.
  • Once they arrive at the prom, they see Cassidy has saved seats for them at her table.
  • Sutter doesn't approve of the DJ, or of the fact that there's no 7UP for his whiskey, but he's okay with taking swigs from his flask instead. Aimee's vodka mixes well with the punch they have.
  • After a while, Cassidy and Marcus leave the table to dance.
  • Sutter can't help but stare at her – she's extremely hot tonight, and an amazing dancer.
  • Aimee sees him watching her, and mentions that Cassidy's a good dancer. Sutter pretends he wasn't watching.
  • When the next song starts, Sutter asks Aimee to dance, but she doesn't want to.
  • So Cassidy asks Aimee if she can dance with him, and Aimee says sure.
  • The first song they dance to is fast, but they also decide to keep dancing to the slow one that plays next.
  • Sutter's getting really turned on by Cassidy, but then she starts lecturing him about treating Aimee right.
  • When they get back to the table, Aimee looks a bit upset – but she's trying not to show it.
  • Sutter is having a ball with all his friends and ex-girlfriends here, and the alcohol is making him glow with love for everyone.
  • He feels like everyone there is celebrating their youth, and it's amazing.
  • (Huh. Shmoop did not have this experience at our prom.)
  • Finally, he asks Aimee to dance to a slow song with him, and she agrees.He realizes Cassidy herself is beautiful, but Aimee brings out something beautiful inside him.
  •  That's deep.

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