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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 53 Summary

  • They stop off at their motel room to change and refill their flasks before they go to the after-party.
  • Aimee wants to stay there and make love, but Sutter wants to party first. (Really, Aimee doesn't want to go to a party with Cassidy.)
  • They end up going anyway, and Sutter loses track of Aimee.
  • When he goes to look for her, he gets sidetracked by someone daring him to jump in the pool.
  • Of course, he can't resist, and even dives off the roof of the little cabana by the pool, instead of the diving board.
  • Everyone else jumps in, too, all in their prom clothes.
  • Just then, Sutter hears Cassidy calling him.

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