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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 54 Summary

  • They've found Aimee—lying on the floor in the bathroom. She'd thrown up in the tub.
  • She's trying to get Sutter to come in and help her, but he wants Cassidy to go get Aimee and bring her out.
  • He figures if she went for a swim, she'd perk up.
  • Cassidy starts arguing with him, angry that he's left poor Aimee alone all night, when out of the blue…
  • Aimee appears behind her, and starts yelling at her to stay away from her man.
  • Cassidy tries to explain that she was trying to help her, but Aimee cusses her out and slaps her so hard, she falls back onto a glass patio table … and breaks it.
  • Sutter runs to Aimee to help her out of the broken glass.
  • Cassidy's friend, Kendra, whose house it is, kicks them both out.
  • Sutter starts arguing with her, but Cassidy tells him to go for Aimee's sake.
  • Aimee starts throwing up again, so they make their exit.

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