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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 55 Summary

  • Sutter sees the prom as a success. Wow – really?
  • Everyone at school is making fun of Aimee for being so drunk, which totally stinks.
  • But she's super focused on moving to St. Louis with Sutter, and finding his dad.
  • She wants to move right after graduation.
  • What she doesn't know is that he'll probably be failing Algebra II, and have summer school to attend before he can graduate.
  • At work that day, Bob tells Sutter their company is losing money and he has to let someone go.
  • He'd rather keep Sutter and get rid of the other sales clerk, but he can only do that if Sutter can promise him never to drink before work again.
  • Sutter's like George Washington: he can't tell a lie. He tells Bob he just can't promise that.
  • Bob appreciates his honesty, but has to fire him.
  • Well, this book has taken a downward turn.

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