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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now

by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 56 Summary

  • When Sutter walks out of the store, he sees Cassidy, Ricky, and Marcus waiting for him in Marcus's car. They want to talk to him.
  • He thinks it's an alcohol intervention, but they tell him it's an Aimee intervention.
  • They tell Sutter his relationship with Aimee isn't working out.
  • He gets pretty mad at them for sticking their noses in his business, but they don't give up.
  • They tell him he thinks he's saving her, but she's just a drunk now – a laughing stock.
  • He sees it differently--she stands up for herself now.
  • Cassidy asks Sutter to take a short walk with her.
  • She tells him it was her idea to come talk to him. She doesn't want Aimee getting hurt when things finally go south in their relationship.
  • Sutter insists that she'll be the one to break up with him, but Cassidy tells him Aimee's in love with him.
  • He doesn't see it, but he tells Cassidy he is taking things seriously this time, and that he's moving to St. Louis with her, and just quit his job.