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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 57 Summary

  • Sutter is actually at Holly's house, talking about their dad.
  • She doesn't really want to talk about him, but he brings up a bunch of good memories they have of him as kids.
  • Eventually, she tells him she didn't want to talk about him because she didn't want Sutter to turn out like him.
  • Apparently, their mom caught him with the neighbor in the act – in his car, parked in their own driveway!
  • Sutter doesn't believe it, so they start arguing.
  • He tells her she's their mom's favorite, so maybe she'll tell her where he lives.
  • But Holly says Sutter's her favorite.
  • Sutter keeps pushing for her to ask their mom, until finally –
  • She tells him she doesn't have to ask. She knows.
  • He lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and calls their mom about twice a year, trying to get back together.
  • Now Sutter's determined to go find out the truth about why they got divorced.

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