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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 58 Summary

  • Sutter and Aimee are really doing it – they're driving to Fort Worth to meet his dad.
  • They're missing graduation, but Sutter failed algebra, so he wouldn't have gotten a diploma anyway.
  • Not like he's told anyone about that, though.
  • He's excited about seeing his dad again, and his dad sounded all pumped about the visit on the phone, too.
  • Aimee and Sutter finally arrive at Mr. Keely's run-down duplex.
  • After a few shots of whiskey and vodka, they go up to the door.
  • Sutter has to ring the doorbell and knock seven or eight times before his dad finally opens up.
  • He doesn't recognize Sutter – and even when Sutter tells him his name, it doesn't register until he tells him he's his son.
  • His dad had forgotten he was coming!
  • Hm, this is sounding familiar.
  •  He's already got plans to meet his current girlfriend at some barbecue joint, so he just invites them to come along.
  • They drive in separate cars to the restaurant.

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