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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 59 Summary

  • The restaurant is a dump, but everyone there knows Sutter's dad.
  • His girlfriend is mad at him for being late, until he introduces Sutter to her.
  • She's thrilled to meet him – and already pretty drunk.
  • They order dinner and a few pitchers of beer, and no one minds Sutter and Aimee drinking some, too.
  • His dad starts telling funny stories about Sutter when he was little, and his girlfriend, Mrs. Gates, gets all sentimental.
  • Sutter's so happy to be reminiscing with his dad.
  • Mr. Keely puts a Jimmy Buffett song on the jukebox and gets them all dancing.
  • Pretty soon, he's teaching Aimee how to swing dance, and Mrs. Gates is trying to do the same with Sutter.
  • Sutter decides not to ask him about his mom tonight – he wants everything to stay positive.
  • When they sit back down, Aimee's the one who asks the wrong question.

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