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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 6 Summary

  • As they're cruising, Ricky starts smoking marijuana.
  • Sutter doesn't smoke it much himself, and he tells Ricky to go easy on it. (Makes the guy act weird.)
  • He tells Ricky that girls don't like getting all philosophical, like Ricky does when he smokes weed.
  • What a coincidence: just then, an SUV full of girls pulls up next to them, and one of the girls flashes her top at them.
  • Ricky wants to follow their car, but Sutter thinks it'd be a waste of time.
  • They keep driving, until they finally see some girls they know, Tara and Bethany.
  • Sutter figures Bethany would be perfect for Ricky, so they all pull into a parking lot to talk.
  • The guys share their beer with them, and then they all squish into Sutter's car and head over to Bricktown to party.

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