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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 60 Summary

  • She just wants to know what he's been up to since he left Oklahoma.
  • He's vague, mentioning something about traveling, and living in Florida for a while.
  • She asks him why he left, and he says it was to find some kind of job.
  • But he tells Sutter he left Oklahoma because things were so bad between him and his mom.
  • He meant to come back after a while to be near them, but just never quite got around to it.
  • Sutter doesn't know what to think of that.
  • Then Mrs. Gates asks what happened between him and his wife.
  • He says it was irreconcilable differences, but Mrs. Gates figures that means he cheated.
  • He did. More than once. He'd go out drinking and just lose control.
  • Mrs. Gates is horrified, and starts freaking out – turns out she was thinking of leaving her husband for him. But now she sees he's a cheating dog.
  • Hypocrite, much?
  • She throws some ribs at him, and knocks her beer onto the floor, breaking the glass.
  • The owner of the place kicks them out, and as Mr. Keely's chasing after her, he throws $20 on the table and asks Sutter to pay the rest.
  • It's, like, a lot more than $20, but Aimee and Sutter manage to cover it.
  • Outside, Mrs. Gates is yelling at Sutter's dad and hitting him in the face with her purse.
  • She tells him not to ask for any more loans, either, and that he'd better pay back what he owes her.
  • Sutter offers to drive her home, but his dad says he'd better do it, so he can talk to her alone.
  • He tells them to wait for him in front of his place, and he'll be back in 30 minutes.

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