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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 61 Summary

  • They wait for him for an hour and a half, but he never shows up.
  • Sutter figures they might as well go home, especially since it's starting to rain.
  • He's pretty bummed out about how self-centered his dad is – and what's worse, he's scared he's just like him.
  • Sutter's in an awful mood now, and his driving is suffering.
  • Aimee tries to cheer him up, but he's too upset.
  • He tells her he's probably just like his dad, so why would she want to move to St. Louis with him? He has no future to give her.
  • She tells him he has free will, that there's hope, but he thinks it's like a birth defect.
  • Aimee keeps up the pep talk, and even tells him she loves him, but Sutter is so worked up that he starts saying mean things –
  • And then he swerves into the wrong lane.

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