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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 64 Summary

  • Aimee seems relieved that they're not drinking anymore, and she's more confident than ever.
  • She tells him a story about tricking some mean girls on her paper route once – she actually made them think there was a UFO in the area.
  • Sutter finally works up the courage to tell her he has to do summer school.
  • She's disappointed, but then figures she'll just wait to move till he's done.
  • No, he says; she should go and get things ready for him there. She latches on to that, getting all excited again.
  • She talks about renting their apartment, too, but he tells her to stay with her sister till he comes.
  • Sutter figures he's doing the kind thing by letting her go. He plans to send her an email after she's been there for a month or so, breaking up with her.
  • When they get back to her place, Sutter wants to have sex with her one last time, but she tells him they'll make love in every room in their new apartment instead.
  • They say goodbye.

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