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The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now Chapter 7 Summary

  • Bricktown is Oklahoma City's entertainment district.
  • Sutter's determined to get Ricky and Bethany together, so he eggs Ricky on to get him to do some impressions. (Because … girls love impressions?)
  • Then he's like, hey, let's take a boat ride on the canal, and the girls are all for it.
  • But our oh-so-clever friend has a plan.
  • Whoops! Gosh, it looks like Sutter forgot his wallet in the car. Well, gee, darn. He and Tara'd better go get it, and Ricky and Bethany should just go ahead on the boat ride without them. They'll totally be back soon.
  • Brilliant.
  • Since his wallet has obviously been in his pocket the whole time, Sutter takes Tara to the Botanical Gardens for a walk.
  • As they walk, she starts telling him about her slob of a stepfather, Kerwin.
  • Sutter tells her that his stepdad's like a robot, and he'd rather have one like hers.
  • Until she explains that he's hooked on painkillers, and is a total mess. She gets kind of upset talking about it, and Sutter tries to cheer her up.
  • He tells her that his real dad works at the top of the Chase building, doing high finance deals, and they stare up at the building for a while.
  • Then they hear a noise, and decide to head back to the others.

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